1st United States​

Demo Event

@ Sandy Valley MX

South of Las Vegas
Thursday 2/8 @ 2:30 pm

Dealers, RIders, & Media Welcome

Relentless Electric Performance

Arctic Leopard

At Arctic Leopard, we excel in crafting cutting-edge electric off-road motorcycles destined for unparalleled performance. Our core commitment revolves around elevating user experiences through a seamless blend of top-tier performance, extended battery life, lightweight construction, and enhanced maneuverability.

How We Rise Above

United States Based

Arctic Leopard is backed by United States based distribution and nationwide dealer network.

Extended Warranty

1 year general warranty. Battery and motor are covered by a 2 year warranty. See terms for details.

Premium Support

100% US based Skilled & Experienced Technical Professionals Available Monday through Friday.

Customized Ride

Choose from 11 different models and a wide array of upgrade options for a truly personalized riding experience.

Arctic Leopard

FOUR Models

Whatever your riding style, we have the bike for you.

Arctic Leopard

E·XE Series

The EXE, designed to set the gold standard for electric enduro, takes pride in a proven track record and cutting-edge innovation. It stands out as the ultimate choice for exceptional performance and precision on any terrain.


37kW | 51HP | 75+ mph | 130+ Miles

Arctic Leopard

E·X Series

The EX is the perfect electric all terrain bike. The innovative design combines a high-performance/high-output motor, large capacity battery, and flat aluminum frame into a groundbreaking 180-pound lightweight bike.


25kW | 34HP | 60+ mph | 135+ Miles

Arctic Leopard

E·XT Series

Meet the off-road adventure powerhouse. Meticulously crafted for unrivaled versatility, extended range, and unparalleled power. Whether you’re into trail riding, rock crawling, or overlanding, this off-road marvel ensures an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other.


20kW | 27HP | 60+ mph | 110+ Miles

Arctic Leopard

E·T Series

Introducing the most superior electric trials bike on the market. At 147 lbs, the Arctic Leopard ET700 has the highest power to weight ratio of any electric trials bike. Designed after the EX series, the ET contains all the same great features in a trials design.


16kW | 21HP | 60+ mph | 70+ Miles


Born to be #1 in Electric Motorsports

Arctic Leopard specializes in manufacturing high-performance electric off-road motorcycles. Our primary focus centers on enhancing user experience by delivering top-notch performance, extended battery life, lightweight construction, and improved maneuverability.

As a pioneer in high-performance electric off-road motorcycles, we uphold the brand principles of technology, superiority, adventure, sport, and autonomy. Simultaneously, we are actively engaged in research, development, design, manufacturing, and sales of off-road motorcycle batteries, engines, controller systems, and electric off-road motorcycle clutches.

To maintain our competitive edge, Arctic Leopard aims to introduces two to three new models annually.

Dealer Application

Arctic Leopard is actively looking for dealers ready to embrace the future of electric motorsports.

Fill out the application below, and we will contact you within 24 hours.