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Pinned Electric is the official United States-based distributor and wholesaler of Arctic Leopard. The Pinned Electric is headquartered in Idaho with distribution facilities nation wide. We provide full-service distribution, including dealer management, sales, brand marketing, and after-sales support. 

Our journey traces back to the heart of the outdoor and motorsports industries. It all started when we immersed ourselves in the world of electric motorsports as a dealer. From there, Pinned Electric was born, evolving into a prominent national distributor specializing in electric motorsports.

Recognizing a crucial void in United States representation, we saw our calling. Our brands were yearning for a national partner who truly understood their unique needs. Leveraging our team’s profound expertise in sales, marketing, and dealer relations, we’ve guided manufacturers toward their US sales objectives and elevating their brand recognition nationwide.

At Pinned Electric, we’re not just a distributor but the driving force behind electrifying success stories in the motorsports industry.

Arctic Leopard USA
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